Ecuador, August 15,2012

I don’t think I wrote anything yesterday. It was pretty much the same. Larry worked on packing and organizing transmitter parts and I worked in the office scanning documents. We ate the normal hospital food for lunch and had a meat pasty for supper.

Today, Larry piled up the boxes and moved the frames to organize them for loading into the container. He hasn’t had help for the last couple of days, so has had to do it all himself. It is hard work. In this picture he obviously has help!

I worked at the office this morning, scanning documents. I had planned to go to observe the prison ministry, but Elaine had to appear in court instead, so we didn’t go.

We ate lunch at the hospital and then walked to a mall where I bought some needles because I lost the one I brought with me. I now have 24 bright shiny new ones. 🙂 That should last awhile.

I was feeling a bit crummy so took the afternoon off. I took a nap, drank some tea and finished a quilt block. It was good to be quiet for awhile. I felt much better after a quiet afternoon.

Larry got back shortly after 5:00 and we walked to a hamburger place for supper.

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I am the very proud mother of five wonderful sons, all of whom love the Lord and want to please Him. I also have two super daughters-in-law who support their husbands and also love the Lord. Last, but not least are the four and counting grandchildren God has blessed our family with. We are very thankful for such a wonderful family and are trusting that God would continue to expand our family and they would continue to be His servants. I grew up in Colorado. Married and joined Trans World Radio with my husband, Larry. We spent some time on the island of Bonaire and then 18 years on the continent of Africa, in South Africa and Swaziland. The years since 1989 have been spent in Indiana.

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