Ecuador, Monday, August 13

Today was a fun day. Two of the ladies, Elaine and Barbie took me to La Mitad del Mundo (The Middle of the World)    

We saw some llamas and a baby llama nibbling on the plants at the La Mitad Del Mundo. There were several museums there to walk through. One told about the measuring of the equator and finding where it ran. One was about insects and another owed how Quito used to look. We stopped by the Ecuador Insectarium and looked at the various insects and butterflies of Ecuador and South America. I held two Dynastes Hercules Yes, they were alive.

We also visited some of the craft shops there. We saw some Vegetable ivory  It was very interesting to see the jewlery they made and the carvings.  They were very pretty.

For lunch we had locro, a potato soup with cheese and avocado.  It was very good!

We also moved into the HCJB missionary guest house today.  It gives us a little more room in which to move.  It is very pleasant.

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    1. I visited the equator that was figured out by the French long ago They used a triangle method somehow. The ‘true’ equator that was figured out using modern methods is up in the mountains and is not easily accessed. You will have to tell me where both equators are.

      1. I saw that the true equator was about 240 metres down the road. I think that the museum there is Museo Solar Inti Ñan. Next time we will have to send you with a GPS 🙂

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