Ecuador, Tuesday, Aug.24, 2012

I think I forgot to write about going to the Botanical Gardens last week.  Barb Q. took me, her daughter and a young teacher to the gardens.  They were quite nice. They had all different types of ecosystems.  We saw cacti, rain forest and between.  There were two buildings of orchids. One was more dry and the other more humid.  Also a building of carnivorous plants.  One was enjoying a butterfly dinner.

After we went to the Gardens, we walked to a large mall where we had lunch.  I had the regular meal of rice, beans, meat, fried eggs, avocado. Barb gave me her fried green banana.  It was quite good.  Tasted like potato.

Yesterday, Aug 23,  Elaine C.  took us up Pichincha on a cable car.  It is a beautiful view from the top.  We hikes around a bit.  The clouds lifted enough for us to see Cotopaxi, Antisana and Cayambe.  We also saw a glimpse of Chimborazo.

In the afternoon, some of the Ecuadorian ladies, Carmen and Natalia,  accompanied us on a tour of the city.  We rode in a double decker bus and had a very nice time and saw lots of sights and took lots of picture.  On the way home we had a very clear view of Cotopaxi and Antisana, but it was to dark to get a good picture from the bus.

Today, we got up early to go over to HCJB and take inventory of what is going to go into the container.  Larry also started the list of what was in the boxes.  We’ll probably go over early tomorrow in order to complete this project.

Larry spent the day on Pichincha,  helping  on a transmitter as well as observing and doing the tourist bit with the camera.

I went over to the office to see if there was more that I could help with, but everyone seemed to be in meetings, so I came back to the Guest House and finished a book I had started  so it could be returned,  worked on my quilt, did some hand washing and a load of machine wash and began packing.

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