Just thought I would put down a few first impressions of Ecuador before they are forgotten.
When we arrived at the Quito airport Sunday night, August 5 and began walking down the concourse, we were out of breath! It seemed odd to feel so out of breath and tired with so little effort. The next impression was people! Lots of people. Pretty typical for a large airport. Then cars, lots of cars. Nice thing was that they didn’t drive to fast. Apparently, they have started enforcing the speed limits.

We arrived at Angelica’s around 11:00 that evening. We were shown to a nice little room with two single beds and one double bed. We have a private bathroom. :-)There is a sign in the bathroom asking us to not flush toilet paper or any paper products down the toilet.  It is a nice clean place. Unfortunately, the view has been hidden by progress. A 6 story building on each side hides any hope of a view.

Breakfast at 8:00 in the morning. We were served coffee or tea, pineapple, papaya and a bread with cheese inside.

Geoff took us on a very brief tour of part of the mission Larry got busy digging the transmitter out of the shed. He had the help of three others so I was not needed. I walked around a bit and worked on my quilt. We went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and brought the leftovers home for our evening meal. The afternoon continued as the morning.

Tuesday, Angelica served us scrambled eggs, bread and jam, coffee and tea. Larry went back to the transmitter and I was put to work in HR scanning documents. Rather boring, but a needed job. Good job for someone who does not speak Spanish. Usually, there is a break around 11:00 in the morning for coffee, everyone usually drinks tea and has bread. All the people in the room where I was working went at the same time. We had a good time, even if I don’t speak Spanish. I managed to finish one file of documents today, perhaps I will be faster tomorrow. We ate lunch at the hospital. Fish, rice, salad and avocado with a pastry.  It was tasty.

Tuesday evening, we had dinner with the Kooistra family. They have three children that made me think of our grandchildren. We ate pizza and fruit. We had grapes, cantaloupe,  granadilla,  mango and a white juice that was good. We walked to the Kooistra home.  It was about 1k straight up.  Quite a climb.

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I am the very proud mother of five wonderful sons, all of whom love the Lord and want to please Him. I also have two super daughters-in-law who support their husbands and also love the Lord. Last, but not least are the four and counting grandchildren God has blessed our family with. We are very thankful for such a wonderful family and are trusting that God would continue to expand our family and they would continue to be His servants. I grew up in Colorado. Married and joined Trans World Radio with my husband, Larry. We spent some time on the island of Bonaire and then 18 years on the continent of Africa, in South Africa and Swaziland. The years since 1989 have been spent in Indiana.

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